Rethinking Hospitality and Leisure for Tomorrow’s Customers. Free Workshop.

Will the challenges of Covid-19 provide unique opportunities to revisit the role that Food and Beverage will play in our day to day lives and redefine Hospitality?

Talking to a number of CEO’s recently we think now is a good time to carve out some headspace for you and your business designed to reflect and ask the question … why you are doing what you do and if you’re ready to adapt to changes post Covid-19?

Our own research suggests that it’s not just Covid-19, as there are some deeper changes in consumer behaviour and lifestyle that will demand that we all take a fresh look at what, where and when we eat.

Join us for our free webinar workshop, you have a choice of two alternative dates 23rd & 29th September. See you at 2pm (BST)

We will discuss our thoughts on the future role of customer experiences, drawing on both macro consumer trends and themes that have been accelerated by Covid-19.

Ask yourself…

What is your purpose?
It’s important to help stakeholders understand exactly why you exist and what your role will be in the new F&B landscape. How will you build advocacy,remain relevant and have a clear purpose? It’s vital that you articulate what will set you apart from your competitors.
Are you still relevant?
Understanding how to adapt and engage with your customers in ways that will resonate with their new lives, attitudes and essentially that they perceive you as a business that is part of it.

Join us for a free Harrison Webinar workshop on either the 23rd or 29th September 2020 starting at 2pm (BST).

During the workshop, we will discuss our thoughts on the future role of food and drink experiences, drawing on both macro consumer trends and themes accelerated by Covid-19.

We will also explore how these changes in society are blending with new eating habits to form a radically different picture for tomorrows customer and the role that eating experiences will play in our lives.

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