The Age of Brand Transformation

Brand Transformation

11th August 2020

By richard


The Age of Brand Transformation

At Harrison, we are transforming ourselves. Beyond mere graphics and interiors, we are constantly finding new ways to get inside our clients home and be a part of their life as branded content, branded entertainment and branded space.

But clients are transforming themselves, too. New cultural modes of performance are emerging from new network-based social behaviours and conversations. With millions of people able to share ideas, opinions and experiences in a single online space – and generate billions of web page impressions every month – these behaviours and conversations are creating a seismic shift in the traditional balance of power that once existed between customers and companies.

As content is increasingly delivered via personalised and self-scheduled social webs, viewers – not broadcasters – this will decide when, how, why and what is experienced. And they will dictate who they share those experiences with.

Our Strategy and Brand document provides a snapshot of our recent brand transformation work click on this link to access.

Harrison can help you in this age of transformation do drop us a line to find out more.