Services: Tender Coordination

Tender Coordination


What is Tender Coordination?

For the client to have project cost certainty before construction commences, Harrison and the wider team would engage in Tender Coordination where the detailing would be coordinated with the likes of consultants or contractors for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Catering, specialist suppliers. The process timescale would depend on the project complexity but would normally include a series of design meetings with standard checklist items. A further review of Health and Safety issues is completed in-conjunction with the CDM/Principal Designer.

Why is Tender Coordination important?

This stage is important as it assists in identifying potential problems on site that can be foreseen on ‘the drawing board’ therefore agreeing a solution on paper as opposed to correcting the physical works on site which wastes both time, resource and cost.

How Harrison manages Tender Coordination?

The Harrison team services include tender coordination and this is usually lead by the technical lead and/or the design lead depending on the nature of the project and the particular detailing issues. Agreement of solutions would be recorded and the finalised and updated details issued to the wider team including the construction team.