Services: Planning Applications

Planning Applications


What is a Planning Application?

Most projects require some form of Local Authority approval, usually Planning Consent or Advertisement Consent. In some instances Listed Building Consent is also required. Harrison services include submission of application forms including all the necessary drawings and supplementary documentation. This can include going to council meetings and individual meetings with local planners and coordinating a kick off meeting with the client, landlord and other consultants involved in the project.

Why are Planning Applications important?

These are important approvals that are required before a project commences on site. Programme issues can arise if the approvals are delayed through bureaucratic issues and therefore it is important the submissions are carried out correctly from the outset. Some projects may include a Landlord approval system which would not allow project progression without the planning issues being successfully dealt with first.

How Harrison manages Planning Applications?

The Harrison team, normally the technical staff, submit for Planning and Advertisement consent. We monitor application status and liaise with the relevant Local Authority contacts to ensure the applications are progressed to a satisfactory and speedy conclusion. In some instances it is advised that a Planning Consultant is included should the project detail (a Listed Building for example), include significant planning history, heritage and importance. In these situations, Harrison would work very closely with the Planning Consultant to provide the level of detail required with the aim to secure the necessary approvals. Harrison services can include the Planning Consultants work should the client prefer this to be part of the Harrison remit.