Services: Packaging and Brand Application

Packaging Design


What is packaging design?

Product packaging design is the creation of the exterior of a product which includes the choice in material and form as well as how the graphics, colours and fonts are applied. It can also be applicable to digital applications such as use on Social Media and Website design.

What Harrison do

At Harrison we explore how the Brand Identity will be translated into the physical and digital environments and how it will be applied to:

– Stationery: business cards and letterheads
– Email signatures
– Uniforms, look & feel
– Menus, look & feel
– Website, look & feel
– Social media icons/banners (inclusive of 3 platforms)
– POS: poster and flyer layout options x2
– Art direction: photography style and tableware touchpoints
– Packaging: bags, boxes, cups and napkins
– Signage: external main signs and interior wayfinding
– Compliance notices