For any hospitality or leisure experience the customers “journey” starts with the outside. For us ensuring that the proposed architecture of the building generates anticipation and visual excitement is essential.

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Architectural solutions at Harrison requires us to consider the role of the building in its environment whist also considering how it works in the context of its use.

The external aesthetic is obviously important but so is the need to excite and attract people. For any hospitality or leisure experience the “journey” starts outside, so ensuring that the building form, as far as is practicable, generates anticipation and visual excitement is an important consideration. The guest experience starts here.

The balance between environmental aesthetics and being visually relevant is often a tricky balance.

There is also often a need to design the space from the inside out: to establish the core principles of guest flow, spatial relationships.

The spatial dynamic for the guest can deliver so much value but the special relationship back of house can deliver a lot of valuable operational efficiencies and economies in the building size. Once these have been established they can often inform the external form the building takes so the building shell and the interior space are one of the same experience.

There are so many emerging and innovative construction methods being developed, not least around energy and other scarce resources, that there are many exciting forms and treatments that can be applied in the thinking process which all helps create a fantastic building solutions that are fit for purpose.

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