Mellow Mushroom, Lake Charles

This eclectic brand always sets the standard for providing creative design challenges. Mellow Mushroom provides three aircraft-style hangers filled with thrift and items collected throughout the world to be thoughtfully curated into the design. This eccentric brand sets its designers up for success and encourages the creative juices to flow!

The Lake Charles location was once home to a Midas tire shop. To celebrate the history of the building we dived deep into everything mechanical and developed lights, chairs and repurposed car parts to help immerse the guests in origins of the store.

There is always a fine line between curated and overly themed but with a brand such as Mellow Mushroom the themed elements are part of the brands DNA, as such the guests emerge within the ever-changing concepts found at each and every restaurant location.

Interior design/Signage + wayfinding/Strategy/Brand identity