It’s not just about plonking a logo on a cup!

Brand Development Process

19th November 2020

By richard


Surely, it’s more than just plonking a logo on a cup?

Is your brand ready to step up?

Does your brand identity look or feel dated?

Has your brand message changed?

Change is happening at an accelerated pace …

Phil Seddon, Head of Brand and Graphics, recently presented his thoughts on the changing behaviours and lifestyle of tomorrow’s consumers and what will influence which brands they decide to develop a long term relationship with. To review his slides follow this link


Phil focused on the following areas –

• Doing the right thing
• It’s more than plonking a logo on a cup!
• It’s all about me, me, me
• Get (hyper) local.

His summary is;

— Now is the time to do the leg work and get your house in order.
— A strong clear strategic plan needs to underpins all this.
— It’s time to re-evaluate your purpose and impact.
— What story do you want guests to tell about your brand?

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