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Hotels Staycation 2021

28th October 2020

By richard


How do you create new revenue generating opportunities during a pandemic?

How do you repurpose social spaces in a socially distanced world?

How do you embrace Ethical design and sustainability?

Wednesday 24th November 2020 at 3pm – 4pm (BST).

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New technology, increased pent up consumer demand and the current pandemic are already playing an important
role in reshaping, not only the physical and virtual spaces of hotels but also providing vital solutions such as contactless transactions.

There are also deeper changes in consumer behaviour and lifestyle and now is the time to review and develop your long term strategic growth plan.

As part of our on-going series of short future thinking sessions, titled ‘Looking to the Future’ we will be joined by Robert Gough, Owner of Gough Hotels, a family run business to discuss his thoughts on managing a business during these uncertain times.

He will be joined by Dean Concannon, Design Director, Jake Griffith and Nathan Stevenson and Ali Powell from Commercial Accelerator, to present their ideas and recommendations to help us reboot the hotel sector.

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