It’s not just about plonking a logo on a cup!

Surely, it’s more than just plonking a logo on a cup?

Is your brand ready to step up?

Does your brand identity look or feel dated?

Has your brand message changed?

Change is happening at an accelerated pace …

Phil Seddon, Head of Brand and Graphics, recently presented his thoughts on the changing behaviours and lifestyle of tomorrow’s consumers and what will influence which brands they decide to develop a long term relationship with. To review his slides follow this link


Phil focused on the following areas –

• Doing the right thing
• It’s more than plonking a logo on a cup!
• It’s all about me, me, me
• Get (hyper) local.

His summary is;

— Now is the time to do the leg work and get your house in order.
— A strong clear strategic plan needs to underpins all this.
— It’s time to re-evaluate your purpose and impact.
— What story do you want guests to tell about your brand?

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Brand Development – Process

Our brand creation and development process helps our clients differentiate themselves through having a coherent Brand DNA, storytelling and compelling differences.

Over the past 30 years working with clients such as Nando’s, The Restaurant Group, Hard Rock Cafe, Hilton and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts we have added millions of dollars to their valuations through innovation, new sales, differentiation and increased perceived customer value.

Keeping and acquiring new customers is the most important thing you can do right now to ensure your business recovers and thrives.  One of the key drivers for your future business growth is evaluating and evolving to these changing times and importantly making sure that your brand is still relevant and agile to adapt to the new normals.  Research shows that tough times are actually a good time to secure a long term competitive advantage and your brand is the most valuable asset you have.

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Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village – Sunday Times Best Hotels 2020

We’re delighted to announce that our recent interior development at The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village has been added to The Sunday Times Best Hotels 2020.

Our design direction was inspired by flora and fauna found in the nearby common and the adjoining equestrian centre.

We created 12 new build bedrooms, using three different luxury and artistic styles using artwork that reflected the warm, rich nature influences and references to the Dog and Fox.

Well Done Jackie and the team.

Hotels – Redefined and Redesigned for Tomorrow’s Customers.

How do you create new revenue generating opportunities during a pandemic?

How do you repurpose social spaces in a socially distanced world?

How do you embrace Ethical design and sustainability?

Wednesday 24th November 2020 at 3pm – 4pm (BST).

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New technology, increased pent up consumer demand and the current pandemic are already playing an important
role in reshaping, not only the physical and virtual spaces of hotels but also providing vital solutions such as contactless transactions.

There are also deeper changes in consumer behaviour and lifestyle and now is the time to review and develop your long term strategic growth plan.

As part of our on-going series of short future thinking sessions, titled ‘Looking to the Future’ we will be joined by Robert Gough, Owner of Gough Hotels, a family run business to discuss his thoughts on managing a business during these uncertain times.

He will be joined by Dean Concannon, Design Director, Jake Griffith and Nathan Stevenson and Ali Powell from Commercial Accelerator, to present their ideas and recommendations to help us reboot the hotel sector.

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It’s all about Me Me Me – What has the pandemic taught us about the customer experience?

What has the pandemic taught us about the customer experience?

The challenge for all brands is to find ways of connecting with customers that provide value, substance, significance, meaning and usefulness beyond their current product and service definition and those offered competitively. This requires deep understanding of people’s lives. It means being smarter at developing real relationships. It also must be a dynamic process in keeping up with changes in ever changing clients wants and needs.

One of the real keys to long term brand success is investing so clients, trust us, value us, keep coming back to us, are willing to pay a premium for us, and choose to take us into their lives.

At a recent webinar Phil Seddon presented his thoughts on what he believes will help differentiate your brand.

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Rethinking Hospitality and Leisure for Tomorrow’s Customers. A Free Workshop.

Will Covid-19 provide unique opportunities for Food and Beverage and redefine Hospitality? 

Having spoken to a number of sector CEO’s recently we think now is a good time to carve out some headspace for you and your business designed to reflect and ask the question … why you are doing what you do and if you’re ready to adapt to changes post Covid-19? 

Join us for a free Harrison Workshop/Webinar.  We have set aside two alternative dates and times for our webinar, which are 23rd or 29th September 2020 at 2pm (BST). 

During the workshop, Phil Seddon, Head of Branding and Graphics, Dean Concannon, Design Director and Richard Samarasinghe, Head of Brand and Business Development will discussing their thoughts on the future role of food and drink experiences, drawing on both macro consumer trends and themes accelerated by Covid-19.  We will also explore how theses changes in society are blending with new eating habits to form  a radically different picture for tomorrows customer and the role that eating experiences will play in our lives. 

For more information please contact or follow the link to our registration form