Rethinking Hospitality and Leisure for Tomorrow’s Customers. A Free Workshop.

Will Covid-19 provide unique opportunities for Food and Beverage and redefine Hospitality? 

Having spoken to a number of sector CEO’s recently we think now is a good time to carve out some headspace for you and your business designed to reflect and ask the question … why you are doing what you do and if you’re ready to adapt to changes post Covid-19? 

Join us for a free Harrison Workshop/Webinar.  We have set aside two alternative dates and times for our webinar, which are 23rd or 29th September 2020 at 2pm (BST). 

During the workshop, Phil Seddon, Head of Branding and Graphics, Dean Concannon, Design Director and Richard Samarasinghe, Head of Brand and Business Development will discussing their thoughts on the future role of food and drink experiences, drawing on both macro consumer trends and themes accelerated by Covid-19.  We will also explore how theses changes in society are blending with new eating habits to form  a radically different picture for tomorrows customer and the role that eating experiences will play in our lives. 

For more information please contact or follow the link to our registration form


David Singleton joins Harrison .. Driving growth across EMA/APAC

David Singleton has been a global client of Harrison for many years and has recently joined us to assist with their EMA / APAC growth plans. He is widely known for his franchise & global growth advisory expertise, and will work with the UK, Dallas and Melbourne based teams connecting the world, working with clients on strategic advisory and design projects as a Harrison Associate.

If you are looking for out of the box thinking, or strategic advisory insight as you navigate these challenging times, get in touch with the team at Harrison who will work with you offering you a free initial workshop to a complete master plan on a new project.

David has a wealth of experience in the hospitality and retail industry in the USA, EMEA and South Asia as a brand builder, creator, operator, franchisee, franchisor for some of the world’s best known and respected brands and now advises across the hospitality and services sectors, globally.