Award winning new Greek restaurant brand goes from strength to strength

The Challenge

Dubai-based Food Fund International set Harrison a real challenge with their brief for a new Greek restaurant brand. They were adamant that the brand design and interiors should not fall victim to stereotypical images of the country. The concept also had to work within new and modern buildings; the first Eat Greek in Dubai is within a standard box unit. Layout considerations needed to include minimising the overt presence of alcohol, and the need to embrace other religious/cultural sensitivities to maximise the restaurants appeal.

The Solution

We spent a great deal of time to really understand the essence of Greece, the food, hospitality and architecture of the reason. We explored the “taverna” décor of the region and blended this with a more contemporary representation of modern Greece.

We have used imported limestone, distressed wood floors, stone-washed walls and exposed wood beams to create a stunning and fresh ‘Mediterranean’ feel. An earthy palette of rich browns and beiges create a rustic chic feel, complemented by stunning birdcage chandeliers and olive trees. The result is a warm and friendly environment that captures the real spirit of Greece.

The Success

From the moment the first Eat Greek, at The Beach at JBR opened, local and overseas visitors have discovered the restaurant – over 40 000 customers a month are enjoying the food and relaxed and friendly environment. Eat Greek has now expanded to further sites in the region, and is looking at international expansion opportunities.

Eat Greek Kouzina was recently described as one of Dubai’s 10 most beautiful restaurants by Pratyush Sarup from the regions’s Gulf News.

“This is not a typical Greek restaurant. We are taking the essence of Greek culture; food, family and fun and fusing it with our ideals about what makes a great restaurant. We are doing the usual, in an unusual way.”
— Costa Tomazos - CEO of Food Fund International