Brand Storytelling is the future of Hospitality Marketing


10th August 2020

By richard


The future of Hospitality Marketing is in Brand Storytelling

Now, more than ever, hospitality businesses need to rethink and develop their creative storytelling. Covid-19 has given the sector a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent who we are, throw out the old and welcome the new. It’s a chance to come out of this industry shake-up smarter, leaner and more efficient and stronger.

We have recently been working with The Cambridge Society Union, on a new visual identity and brand personality, specifically looking at;

– Acknowledging the Society’s longevity and dependability.

-Appealing to, and retain a broad audience — students, teachers, guest speakers, general public and tourists, and those with an event in mind.

-Sharing the ‘brand story’ – it’s what makes the experience valuable, enjoyable and shareable.

-Increasing the knowledge of the location.

-Highlighting offerings and the potential to accommodate events.

To see how Harrison completed and built the brand foundations for the creative direction follow this link to our case study.