As Guests Return what next?

What is next for hospitality guests post-COVID-19?

Peter Martin, the founder of the Atlantic Club, has been interviewing a number of senior global business leaders talking about how they are navigating the current crisis. In his latest video interview, Keith Anderson, COO and Partner of Harrison, USA talks about how the hospitality sector is re-booting and some of the opportunities that present themselves post Covid-19.

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Restaurants of the Future

Restaurants of the Future



As we start to reflect on the impact that COVID-19 has had and will continue to have on the Hospitality and Leisure sector, it’s time to consider spaces that are a lot more flexible and adaptable, with transitions that can be easily made without sacrificing large numbers of occupancy.

Traditionally Restaurant Interior Design and Bar Design is very fixed, screens are welded, bolted to the floor and packed full to maximise on cover counts. However, with society Post COVID-19 we believe a less permanent approach will be required from the very initial design and concept phases. Screens that have a sense of permanence yet are designed in a way to shield and protect without forfeiting on aesthetics.

So we at Harrison have put together this vision of the future to show that social distanced restaurants can be beautifully designed without the need for clinical screens and graphics.

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How we can help – Post Covid-19

Harrison can help your business in a post COVID world

We understand the challenges that many businesses face in coming out of the lockdown, not least because we don’t yet know exactly what the detailed parameters for opening are going to be. We recognise that in the short-term capital investment is not something many people are thinking about and that repairing balance sheets and preserving cash is likely to be most people’s priority.


We know many businesses could benefit from short term assistance in reconfiguring their restaurant spaces to be acceptable to the social distancing expectations of the guest, whilst still retaining some sense of the ambience and personality of their once bustling, busy restaurant. Click on this link to access our brief guide.

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Stay. Socialise. Relax – Islington’s Best

In the second of our review of recent projects, we’re turning our attention to hotel F&B.

We were approached by a global hotel chain to re-design a ground floor restaurant and bar with a proposition that narrated the history and background of Islington.

Our design solution offers subtle references to the local history of Coventry build the foundation of the concept, whilst remaining contemporary in style to complement the architecture of the space.  Delicate elegance, is a contemporary take on the principles of Georgian design, overlaid with contemporary pattern and colour, to generate a warm and inviting environment. Quirky features, from the Isle of Capri fit-out, allow truly unique design elements to personalise the space.

Warm tones, curved detailing and soft upholsteries generate a relaxed, but elegant restaurant space to suit dining.  Bespoke ceiling features, screens and artwork create an individual narrative, unique to the site and its local history.

Punchy signage enhances street level presence and ensures high impact to passers-by, residents, event and casino customers.  Quirky internal wayfinding creates an engaging and more personal arrival, whilst a relaxed check in sets the tone.

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