Brand Storytelling is the future of Hospitality Marketing

The future of Hospitality Marketing is in Brand Storytelling

Now, more than ever, hospitality businesses need to rethink and develop their creative storytelling. Covid-19 has given the sector a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent who we are, throw out the old and welcome the new. It’s a chance to come out of this industry shake-up smarter, leaner and more efficient and stronger.

We have recently been working with The Cambridge Society Union, on a new visual identity and brand personality, specifically looking at;

– Acknowledging the Society’s longevity and dependability.

-Appealing to, and retain a broad audience — students, teachers, guest speakers, general public and tourists, and those with an event in mind.

-Sharing the ‘brand story’ – it’s what makes the experience valuable, enjoyable and shareable.

-Increasing the knowledge of the location.

-Highlighting offerings and the potential to accommodate events.

To see how Harrison completed and built the brand foundations for the creative direction follow this link to our case study.

A Changing World for Hospitality – Meeting the Guest Needs

As we slowly come out of lockdown and the country takes tentative steps toward some kind of normality there is no sector more impacted by what remains a very fluid situation than hospitality, so there is little wonder that we are finding many clients challenged by what their next steps might be. Current views seem to fall into 3 main groups:

A. Those clients who simply want to wait and see how thing play out over the coming weeks and months.

B. Those clients who are initially taking steps to safeguard their businesses but are intent on looking to the future and planning for this as best they can, either by developing a single strategy or exploring a range of options to meet varying market conditions.

C. Those clients who believe this will only be a short-term problem and that business levels will return to near normal in the medium term, notwithstanding the potential for future partial lockdowns.

Taking the second client group as the one that is most active in terms of planning for the future, by considering the need for longer term flexible social distancing measure, and developing their takeaway/click & collect business as a permanent brand extension are unsurprisingly in the mix.

It is fair to assume that the legacy of Covid19 is going to be with us for some time, as the virologists say we are just going to have to get used to living with it, and there is always the potential for other similar pandemics down the line, so having flexible solutions integrated into the space planning and design process makes good sense. Solutions that become an integral part of the design and not a “bolt on”.

Of course, no one really knows when and to what extent things will return to normal nor can we predict what the generational differences in attitude to going out might be, although it is probably fair to say that the older the generation the more risk averse, they are likely to be. A recent UK Hospitality report confirmed there a marked difference in attitude between age groups’

For all hospitality businesses, the absolute priority has to be to ensure their guests feel safe groups.

The same report said 23% of guests will only return with caution and 33% only if they were sure there were added precautions in place, which leads us to another important point.

Physiologically a quick fix “sticking plaster” approach will not do this as it suggests there is only a limited interest in guest safety on the part of the operator. Reels of hazard tape and notices on tables are not the answer. What is really needed are solutions that are fully integrated into the design so that guests sense their concerns have been properly considered and thought through properly. That restaurant or bar owner has thought seriously about guest safety, not just in the short term but as a long-term social necessity.

Guest confidence is key at every step of their journey, from stepping through the entrance to leaving, including critical health risk areas such as kitchens and toilet configurations, and brands that fail to address this in a meaningful way will struggle to stay relevant in what is likely to be a changed consumer need state.  This is no more important than in City Centres where it seems 75% of leaders expecting consumer reluctance to visit town centres, it is going to take a concerted effort from all businesses to rebuild consumer confidence.

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The Leisure and Hospitality Collective

The Leisure and Hospitality Collective provides operators whether you are a fledgling start-up or a larger group with a one-stop-shop helping you with all aspects of your businesses from a property and marketing perspective safely, consistently and cost-effectively.

We are a group of four specialist, property and marketing focused suppliers, in the leisure and hospitality sector who have worked independently and together for over 10 years. Some of the relationships between us, and with our clients, go back much further than this.

Our collective clients come from every part of the sector giving us unique knowledge and experience.

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Agile brand design that increases revenue and responds to COVID-19 safety measures.

Harrison is here to help you enhance the guest experience by developing an agile brand design that increases revenue and responds to COVID-19 safety measures.

We offer a comprehensive range of strategic brand services in order to encourage brands to “think differently” to stay ahead of your competitors, adapt to these challenging times and retain/attract new customers.

Harrison is here to help! We want to support by giving back to the industry, therefore we are offering free initial consultation to all existing and new clients.

The links below offer further recommendations and insight developed for Hospitality, Restaurant & Retail brands.

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Link #1 – Strategic CPMG Covid Playbook

Link #2 – Flexible restaurant design video

Link #3 – Think differently about off premise delivery video.


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Restaurants aren’t dead; they’re just different.

Restaurants aren’t dead; they’re just different.

Or at least, they’ll have to become much more different from what they are if they’re to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

That’s the overall takeaway from a RestaurantSpaces discussion featuring Juliana Strieff, VP of Design & Construction for Blaze Pizza; Gabrielle Rosi, Senior Director of Store Design for Whole Foods; and Gwen Newland, Director of Design for Chick-fil-A; that was moderated by Paul Wainwright, Design Director for global architecture and design firm Harrison.

As off-premises dining and third-party delivery continues growing at an exponential rate (especially with the current state of affairs), restaurant design must be reimagined to accommodate this change in customer behaviour, while still appealing to those who want novel dining experiences.

Follow the following link for the entire article.

GRIF Marketplace, a virtual conference – 24th June 12pm -4pm GST (9am- 1pm GMT/UK time)

We’d like to invite you to GRIF Marketplace, a virtual conference taking place on the 24th June 12pm -4pm GST (9am- 1pm GMT/UK time). It is open to operators, owners and industry influencers.

Please find the full programme here featuring speakers such as:

Peter Backman, Principal, Peter Backman Foodservice Consultancy
Emma Banks, VP Food & Beverage Strategy & Development EMEA, Hilton
Mario C. Bauer, Co-Founder of Curtice Brothers; Co-Founder of White Space Partners; Brand Ambassador at AmRest
Chris Daniels, General Manager, Munch delivery app
Victor Lugger, Founder, Big Mamma Group

The beauty of the virtual conference is you can pop in and out but do make sure you lock your diary for
the two Harrison sessions:

1. Riding the wave – Main Stage, 12:50 – 1:10 GST with Paul Wainwright
2. What is next for hotels F&B? – Breakout Session, 2:30 – 3:00 GST with Dean Concannon.

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